"Bird Free"

 “Bird Free” is a different video game company, which wants to make different and creative games.

Our society has instilled in us a lot of individualism, of having to be the best at everything, at the expense of many things, such as our happiness.

However, we are a video game company that believes in sharing knowledge, experiences and helping others through our games to enjoy them.

That’s our philosophy: Together, Better! 

If we grow, you grow, are you in?



We are a multicultural video game company that wants to promote the role of women and create games for a wide group, introducing the care of the environment and its species and games that promote the formation of large groups to avoid individualism.

To achieve video games that are entertaining, educational, and participatory for the majority of the population, where the youngest can have fun and learn with group values and care for the environment and equality.


Our company is looking for teamwork.
The company’s achievements are the achievements of all its employees.
The well-being of everyone is sought and everyone benefits from the successes.