Los Pájaros Libres


This Is My Story


I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself. I’ve been living in London for two years working to improve my English. This website has been created to continue with what I like best: drawing and generating content. 

I was born in Madrid and I studied a higher degree in Administration and Finance. However, after finishing the internship I realized that I didn’t want to do accounting. Hesitant about the direction I should take, I returned to drawing after having forgotten it for many years. The idea of taking up that skill again and doing things I like led me to live in Jerez de la Frontera, where I studied my degree in Advertising and Public Relations. 


By the end of college I was even more lost, if possible. I spent a year in Madrid before going to the UK in search of new experiences. These years have helped me realize how quickly your life can change and so I am determined to do what motivates me most.  The idea of creating this website is to share and motivate other lovers of drawing, video games and animation to dare to make their dreams come true.                     

“Welcome to “Bird Free”

Irene Marina barbé

Web page

"Bird Free"

 “Bird Free” is my way of helping others to dare to realize their dream, while I realize mine.

Any idea, no matter how crazy it seems, can be realized. The world is in a process of change and I wanted to make one too. If you are here, I hope you enjoy this page as much as I do, which for me is a real adventure.


Mission, Vision and Values

Our society has instilled in us a lot of individualism, of having to be the best at everything, at the expense of many things, like our happiness.

However, I am one of those people who believe that sharing knowledge and experiences and helping others to enjoy them makes us better people and I am satisfied because each person has his or her own creativity, which by empowering it with the help of many makes better progress for the majority.

That is my philosophy: Together, Better! 

If I grow, you grow, are you in?