Rainbow Corp

Rainbow Corp. is a human resources simulator card game, manage a budget to build your inclusive video game development teams.
Will you be able to be the best recruiter and make the best inclusive teams or will the pressure get to you?

The Journey

An unusual journey with an unexpected ending, this adventure is in the first person.

You will have to discover who you are and where you are going 

 Will you be able to do it?

Go Fishy Go Goldie!

The NASA has captured you in your contaminated port and sent you to Mars as a guinea pig to see if you survive. You find yourself in a desert without water (Mars), only the water you have in your suit.

You have a short amount of time to reach the end and manage to survive without drying up.

Get to the end of each level and help him return home!

The Newton Pendulum

We’re in, uh… let’s say “a parallel universe” where robots are busy working with humans. 

Here you are one of those humans who, after a failed experiment, wakes up from his lethargy and, as any person in that situation would do… would run away. And you think that the path is going to be a bloody bed of roses?  Okay, you’re right, NO.  In fact, the shift leader saw you while you were running away and, to make matters worse, he sounded the alarm.

Will you be able to get all the dark matter and go all the way?

The Dark City

Discover the secrets hidden in The Light, a mysterious form that has appeared out of nowhere in a city full of Darkness, in an era where no one remembers the past.
You will have to be Skillful, Hide, Run and Survive! To uncover the mystery that hides this mysterious Light or, as the citizens of The Dark City call it: The Oblivion.

Will you be able to do it?


I have to look for him again… Where is he? Will I be able to find him? Grafel, he drives me crazy. This cat doesn’t stop. You on the screen, will you be able to find him? Will he be able to guess which characters we have based ourselves on? Do you dare to find him?